Folio: U of A researchers create ‘encyclopedia of milk’

Folio: U of A researchers create ‘encyclopedia of milk’ . “What’s in that glass of milk you’re drinking? Now you can find out, thanks to a new database created by University of Alberta researchers. The newly launched, one-of-a-kind Milk Composition Database (MCDB) lists more than 2,000 compounds found in one of the world’s most popular drinks. ”

The Spirits Business: New resource highlights dangerous cocktail ingredients

The Spirits Business: New resource highlights dangerous cocktail ingredients. “Cocktail Safe, which currently focuses on US regulations, provides information and advice on regulated ingredients such as quinine and wormwood, as well as prohibited ingredients like tobacco, tonka beans, and raw sassafras. The online resource also includes advice about potentially dangerous techniques and equipment, including liquid nitrogen, fat-washing and the use of vintage glassware.”

World of Fine Wine Launches Digital Archive

The World of Fine Wine magazine has launched a digital archive. “The World of Fine Wine, and the publishers Progressive Media International, have worked with digital content specialists Exact Editions to digitise the archive, making the resource readily available to print and digital subscribers alike. The extensive archive makes for a valuable resource; available for universities, corporations and other organisations, who can take out a specialist network subscription utilising Exact Editions IP authentication technology, say the company.” It’s 48 issues over 11 years.