Westender: Vancouver Archives Puts Thousands Of Heritage Photos Online

Westender (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada): Vancouver Archives Puts Thousands Of Heritage Photos Online. “Vancouver heritage junkies, local history buffs and nosy neighbours, your cries have been heard. In an ambitious undertaking, staff at the City of Vancouver Archives have been busy digitizing nearly 7,000 black-and-white 35mm negatives — taken in 1978 and 1986 as part of two separate heritage surveys — for the public to access, ogle and explore online.”

Royal British Columbia Museum Digitizes its Collection of Pioneer Medallion Applications

The Royal British Columbia Museum has digitized its collection of Pioneer Medallion applications. “In 1971 the B.C. government launched a project to celebrate the centennial of B.C.’s entry into Confederation. B.C. residents who were either born or living in Canada before 1897 were encouraged to complete applications to receive what government called Pioneer Medallions.”

Google Street View Is Headed to British Columbia

Google Street View is headed to British Columbia. “In need of a respite with nature? The latest terrain to be mapped and captured by Google Street View will allow city folk stuck in urban jungles to drop in on the ancient forests and mountain trails of Northern British Columbia, Canada. Between June and September, team members from tourism offices at Destination BC and Northern BC Tourism will be loaned two Google Street View Trekkers and set out to capture the west coast wilderness.”

British Columbia Government Creates Online Map of Available Childcare

The government of British Columbia (Canada) has launched a online map to show daycare vacancies. “The new online child care map provides parents with a look at what facilities and programs are available in their cities. The map, which cost about $150,00 to create, also shows whether there are vacancies at any of the 4,000 licensed daycares across B.C., and what level of training staff at each daycare has.”

Whistler Question Photo Archives Being Digitized

The 1978-1985 photo archives of The Whistler Question (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada) are being archived. “When the collection’s digitization is complete, anyone with an Internet connection will be able to explore this town’s sporting events, parades, Village construction projects, road collisions, festivals and portraits of locals from the years 1978-1985. Corresponding captions that originally accompanied the photos in each week’s published newspapers will tell the story of Whistler’s transitional years and the day-to-day lives of the people who lived here at the time, all on one snazzy website.” Seven years might not seem like much, but that’s about 35,000 photos according to the story.