ZDNet: How to switch from Windows 7 to Chrome OS CloudReady

ZDNet: How to switch from Windows 7 to Chrome OS CloudReady. “Yesterday, a friend asked what he should do since Windows 7 has come to the end of its supported life. I asked him what he uses his computer for. He replied, ‘Email and Facebook.’ He added that he has no interest in moving to Windows 10. He’s far from the only one. About one in five users have stuck with Windows 7 to the bitter end. And, really, for his purposes, who can blame him? For him, Windows 7 just works. So, rather than try to convince him to move to Linux, I suggested he consider Neverware’s Chrome OS variant, CloudReady. Here’s how to do it.”

What’s new in Chrome OS: Virtual Desks, simpler printing and more (Google Blog)

Google Blog: What’s new in Chrome OS: Virtual Desks, simpler printing and more. “One of the best parts of Chromebooks is that every new version of Chrome OS brings dozens of improvements to keep your device safe, fast and hassle-free. The latest version of Chrome OS includes tools to help you organize your workspace, make phone calls more easily, and print and share feedback more quickly.”

BetaNews: Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is a student-friendly Chrome OS tablet

BetaNews: Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is a student-friendly Chrome OS tablet. “Acer today revealed what it describes as the “first tablet running Chrome OS designed for education” — the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 (or D651N). Featuring a 9.7-inch QXGA LED-backlit display with a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 (264 PPI), the Chromebook Tab 10 is equipped with a Wacom EMR stylus to allow for easy writing and drawing. Although not available at launch, there is planned support for Google Expeditions AR, and Acer is hoping that the tablet will find its way into the hands of students of all ages.”

Ubergizmo: Chrome OS Will Soon Let Android Apps Run In The Background

Ubergizmo: Chrome OS Will Soon Let Android Apps Run In The Background. “Recently Google has started to allow Android apps to be run on Chrome OS which means that Chromebook users now have access to more apps than before. However the only downside is that Android apps couldn’t run in the background, meaning that they are paused when the app isn’t in focus. This can be a bit troublesome for some users who might require multiple apps to run at once, but the good news is that this is expected to change.”

Is The Google Play Store Coming to Chromebooks?

Is the Google Play store coming to Chromebooks? Oh my. “Android apps in Chrome OS may already be a thing, but there really aren’t that many available on the Chrome Web Store. That could soon change, however, as the search giant appears to be on the verge of launching the Play Store on Chrome OS, as evidenced in a new screenshot recently shared on Reddit.”

Google Launches Chromebase for Meetings

Google keeps pushing what the ChromeOS will do with the launch of Chromebase for Meetings. “Say hello to the Acer Chromebase for meetings, an all-in-one secure video-conferencing device optimized for use in small meeting areas with up to two people. It’s a secure, self updating, easy to manage unit that builds on Chrome and WebRTC innovations for sharper video, audio and screen sharing. Guest account support makes it simple to join a meeting even without a Google account: Just click a meeting link invitation and you’re connected.”

Test Drive ChromeOS With Virtualbox

Want to give ChromeOS a test drive? You can play with it in Virtualbox. “there’s a new downloadable version of ChromeOS out there for would-be enthusiasts: Neverware Cloud Ready. Designed to allow schools to turn old computers into Chromebook-compatible devices, Cloud Ready is also available as a free download for personal use. Neverware also offers an unofficial build for Virtualbox. Here’s where to find it and how to set it up. You’ll be trying out ChromeOS in no time.”

Install ChromeOS on Your Ancient Laptop

Mike Murphy’s got a walkthrough of how to install the Cloud OS app on your ancient laptop. “Neverware, an operating system developer from New York, has developed a program called CloudReady, that can turn hundreds of models of computers from the last decade into usable machines. Neverware developed a version of the operating system found on Google’s Chromebook laptops. The startup has been working with school districts in the US to revive old computers for classroom—for a fee—but is now offering a free version of its software for personal computers.”

Lifehacker Has a Stick Computer Smackdown

Have you tried the new stick-sized computers yet? Lifehacker has a smackdown between Intel’s Compute Stick and Google’s Chromebit. I have never tried the Intel Compute Stick, but I have a Chromebit and it works great. If you’re looking for a Windows-based stick computer, I’ve set up a couple of the Azulle Quantum Access Mini PC Sticks and they work well, too. I even upgraded one from Windows 8.1 to 10 and it upgraded like a champ. If you’re not interested in a stick, but want a small PC, I also like the Azulle Quantum Byte Fanless Mini Desktop PC. These things are for basic Web browsing and such, not doing resource-intensive stuff, but they work great for that. (These opinions are my own and nobody paid me for anything and this post is not sponsored.)

Common Chrome OS Problems and How to Fix Them

From Digital Trends: 15 Common Problems With Chrome OS, and How to Fix Them. I use a Chromebox on occasion and a Chromebook regularly. The printer problem is a pain. Also, taking screenshots is not intuitive. Happily Digital Trends also has an article to walk you through that. PROTIP: If you’re trying to edit a screenshot and you can’t find the editing tools, move your mouse to the bottom menu bar, right-click, and choose “Autohide Shelf”. You might find your editing tools are magically revealed.