Houston Community College: HCC’s Historical Fashion Archive goes digital to meet 21st Century student needs

Houston Community College: HCC’s Historical Fashion Archive goes digital to meet 21st Century student needs. “Jeweled shoes from the 1700s. Fragile dresses from the 1800s. Avant Garde designer clothing from the 1900s. These are just a few of the historic garments now viewable in never-before-seen photographs on a new searchable website created by Houston Community College with a $25,000 grant from the Texas State Libraries and Archive Commission.”

Michigan Live: Grand Rapids Public Museum gets $100K to digitize fashion collection

In development: a digital archive of fashion. “From Victorian-era dresses to modern-day workout gear, the Grand Rapids Public Museum has collected plenty of styles of clothes that date back over a hundred years. While some of the collection can be seen online, a majority of the collection hasn’t yet been digitized. Thanks to a national grant, the museum is now digitizing the rest of its extensive fashion collection.”

Bloomsbury Launches New Digital Archive of Fashion Photography

Bloomsbury has launched a new digital archive of fashion photography (and the ONLY story I could easily find was in The Daily Mail.) “The work of the independent publisher Bloomsbury, the new online archive features everything from top designers’ graduate shows to candid shots of original supermodels like Naomi, Kate and Helena. Bloomsbury spent more than three years painstakingly digitising and cataloging more than 750,000 images, which date from the 1970s up to 2000, to create its new searchable fashion library.” As you might imagine, this is not a free resource.

Google Launches New Feature: Shop the Look

Google has launched a new feature called Shop the Look, because no one knows fashion like tech people. “Users can search Google for an outfit, like ‘cocktail dress’, and the platform will pull in images from social influencers that match that outfit description. Then once users tap on one of those images it will pull up a gallery with each item of clothing featured in the picture, as well as a link to purchase it.”

Google and Levi’s Are Making a Smart Jacket

Google is teaming up with Levi’s to make a smart jacket. “Google is working on making a connected, technology-laced jacket that you’ll be able to wear in any type of weather, Google announced Friday. It’s called Jacquard, and the company has been working on it since 2015. It’s set to come out in spring 2017. Jacquard is made with interactive denim, made in partnership with Levi’s.”

Online Database of Sustainability and Ethics Policies of Fashion Brands

Now available: an online database of the sustainability and ethical policies of over 150 fashion brands. “”The shopper can log online and type in a brand and get back information on a variety of different themes of information — whether it be how transparent the brand is, what their maker policies are, what their environmental policies are, what their management has been up to and how they’re trying to innovate a variety of different factors,” [Natalie] Grillon told us.”