Omnity Search Engine Sounds Like a Partial Throwback to Clusty

Over that the Washington Post, Hayley Tsukayama has a writeup on a new search engine called Omnity. “Omnity stands out by offering results that best match for any given search term and also how those results relate to each other. So if you’re about to start a research project on a topic you know little about, you can quickly see who is getting cited the most, whose research is the most influential or which university is leading the pack on that subject. It draws from a number of data sets, including SEC filings, public news organization reports, scientific journals, financial reports and legal histories.” Reminds me of Clusty and all those other engines back when clustering search was hot for about nine minutes. This one isn’t free and does seem to have access to better/larger data sets.

Omnity Search Engine Launches at CES

Motherboard has an article about a new search engine called Omnity. It sounds like clustering 2.0 (remember clustering engines?) “[Omnity CEO Brian] Sager explained that when Omnity searches across documents, it throws out ‘grammatical glue but semantic noise’—commonly used words like ‘the,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ or ‘it.’ Stripped of this ‘noise,’ Omnity is then able to analyze the remaining ‘rare words’ to find common threads that link together different documents.”