Editorial: Big Museums Need To Stop Hoarding Treasures Nobody Ever Sees

I’m not sure how much of this I agree with, but I hope it sparks some debate: Big Museums Need To Stop Hoarding Treasures Nobody Ever Sees. “Over the past three centuries, Western countries developed large, public institutions designed to house objects of cultural, historic, or scientific importance. Today our great museums contain some of the most beautiful and significant objects in existence. But as they continue to acquire more items they can neither afford to care for nor display to the public whom they are supposed to serve, it appears that many museums have turned into hoarders—on an epic scale.”

IMALERT Hotline for Disasters Impacting Cultural Collections

The Iowa Museums, Archives, and Libraries Emergency Response Team has launched IMALERT. “The IMALERT Hotline … can connect staff with the information and expertise needed to respond to, and recover from, any level of incident from a leaking pipe to a major flood. Through the team’s vast experience in conservation, preservation and emergency response and recovery, help is available to assess damage to collection materials, make recommendations for recovery, assist with decision making on drying out buildings, and demonstrate salvage techniques and/or help organize the initial salvage operation.” I can’t tell if this is Iowa-only or not. It doesn’t say Iowa-only. I hope not; it’s a great idea.