The Pie: Database to combat academic fraud in Aus, NZ

The Pie: Database to combat academic fraud in Aus, NZ. “Launched as Australia’s response to the Groningen Declaration Network, a worldwide initiative to tackle fraud in academic qualifications and enhance student mobility, My eQuals entails universities certifying the accuracy of qualifications records before releasing them into a database of verified qualifications. Students at participating institutions can then access and share their records at any time.”

College Scorecard Information Added to Google Search

Google Search has added information from the College Scorecard. “Designed hand-in-hand with students, parents, educators, researchers, policymakers and counselors, the College Scorecard has the most comprehensive data ever published about college costs, graduation rates, employment outcomes and student debt for every college. The dataset includes nearly 2,000 elements for more than 7,000 institutions, dating back 18 years….We’re thrilled that starting today you can find college cost, graduation and earnings information from the College Scorecard directly in Google Search.”

State of Massachusetts Launches New Site With Information on In-State Higher Education Offerings

The state of Massachusetts has launched a new portal for comparing costs of higher education programs at state colleges and universities. From the state’s announcement: “The new MassTransfer web portal will, for the first time, allow the Commonwealth’s high school and college students to identify and compare a wide range of degree programs, transfer options, and college costs at all twenty-eight public undergraduate campuses. They will be able to see what is required to transfer seamlessly between campuses, including course-by course ‘degree maps’ available for some majors.”

Who Are The Workers Behind Amazon’s Mechanical Turk?

Who are the workers behind Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? Actually, it’s kind of depressing. “Data collected by Pew from February of this year say that 51 percent of Mechanical Turkers have a college degree, compared with 36 percent of the adult U.S. workforce. Additionally, 52 percent of Turkers make less than $5 per hour on a job (the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour), and 39 percent earn between $5 per hour and $7.99 per hour.”