University of the Arctic: PAME Launches Arctic Shipping Database

University of The Arctic: PAME Launches Arctic Shipping Database. “The Arctic Council’s Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) launched a comprehensive Arctic shipping activity database on February 7, 2019. The launch is a significant milestone in PAME’s work to improve knowledge of historical Arctic ship traffic activity and various factors that affect such activity, such as sea ice extent, meteorological and oceanographic conditions, and international regulations. The database will allow authorized users to analyze vessel traffic patterns, fuel use, and air emissions, among other economic and environmental conditions.”

Today’s Trucking: Database tracks carriers compliant with UFSTP program

Today’s Trucking: Database tracks carriers compliant with UFSTP program. “TransComply, the manager of the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol, has launched an online public listing of motor carriers that have complied with all the requirements for participation in the program…. The listed companies have committed to the standards expected for the new U.S. Food and Drug Administration rule on sanitary transportation of human and animal food. The UFSTP helps shippers, brokers, warehouses and others to find compliant businesses, said TransComply.”