MediArXiv: New digital archive for media research (NECSUS)

NECSUS: MediArXiv: New digital archive for media research. “The online platform Open Access in Media Studies has announced the launch of the new project MediArXiv. MediArXiv is the new open archive for media, film, and communication studies, and will be launched in early 2019 on the Open Science Framework platform. “

Researching ICT companies: A field guide for civil society researchers (Internet Policy Observatory)

Internet Policy Observatory: Researching ICT companies: A field guide for civil society researchers. “In this white paper, we outline some of the challenges we have identified as being particularly acute for policy researchers, as well as strategies for working through (and around) those issues. Advocating for civil society, human rights, and democratic values today often requires understanding the role played by ICT companies in deciding what kinds of speech are allowed (or not) on various platforms, in complying (or not) with government requests to restrict content or for user information, and in lobbying governments to enact (or not) various laws and regulations. Under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, companies are expected to respect human rights even as nation-states retain primary responsibility for protecting human rights. As is true of many UN norms, the Guiding Principles lack a formal enforcement mechanism, so other, often soft measures have been employed in order to enact results, or even to simply gain information.” ICT stands for Information, Communications, and Technology companies. You can get more information in this article from Michaelsons.