Motley Fool: These Free Tools Will Make Anyone a Better Investor

Motley Fool: These Free Tools Will Make Anyone a Better Investor. “In this episode of Industry Focus: Tech, we take a break from talking about specific companies to loop listeners in on our go-to free resources for information on companies. We give a rundown of our favorite primary and secondary resources for information and spend some time talking about the decision that leveled the playing field for the average investor.” Video podcast with captions AND a complete transcript.

PRWeb: Dato Capital Announces First Tool for Extracting Company Information from Documents (PRESS RELEASE)

Dato Capital: Dato Capital Announces First Tool for Extracting Company Information from Documents (PRESS RELEASE). “The Company Information Extractor can process documents by entering a website URL, uploading a file or entering text directly. Accepted formats include PDF, Word, Excel, HTML and TXT files. The system scans the document and searches for mentions of companies and directors against a daily updated database of 14 million companies and 12 million directors from the United Kingdom, Spain, Luxembourg, Panama, Gibraltar, BVI, Cayman Islands and the Netherlands.” The direct link for the tool is .

Haaretz: Which of America’s Largest Companies Oppose Trump’s Ban? New Website Tracks Them All

A new Web site is tracking company stances against the Trump administration’s executive order on immigration. I desperately try to be non-political here, but I do think this is an issue of enough national discussion that I must mention it. “…a website launched on Tuesday… lists nearly 200 of the biggest companies in America, including tech giants Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon alongside traditional names like Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks. Visitors can search for companies by name, see whether they support or oppose Trump’s executive order, and read statements from company executives.”

New Database Aggregates Company Statements/Intentions on Human Rights

A new database aggregates what companies say they are doing about human rights. “The UNGP Reporting Database does not judge how well a company is implementing the [United Nations] Guiding Principles, nor does it rate or rank corporate performance or disclosure. Instead, the database enables companies and their stakeholders to draw their own conclusions about how meaningfully a company is reporting on its progress towards implementation of the UN Guiding Principles. The database draws only from information companies publish in their own websites and reports, in order to support integrated approaches to how companies think and talk about human rights in their core business.” I took a very quick look. The number of companies in the database is limited at the moment but is expected to expand. Entities listed include Anheuser-Busch InBev, BP, Coca-Cola, Monsanto, Nike, Target, and Wal-Mart stores.