Raspberry Pi 4 as Desktop Computer: Is It Really Viable? (Make Tech Easier)

Make Tech Easier: Raspberry Pi 4 as Desktop Computer: Is It Really Viable?. “There’s little doubt that the Raspberry Pi 4 is significantly more powerful than its predecessors. Its based on the faster ARM Cortex-A72 microarchitecture and has four cores pegged at marginally-higher clock speeds. The graphics subsystem is significantly beefed up as well, running at twice the maximum stock clocks as the outgoing model. Everything about it makes it a viable desktop replacement. But is it really good enough to replace your trusty old desktop? I spent three weeks with the 8GB version of the Pi 4 to answer that million-dollar question.” Solid, deep dive. Recommended for Pi fans.

Facebook Live Coming to Laptops, Desktops

Game-changer: Facebook Live is coming to laptops and desktops. “And a source with knowledge of the social network’s plans told SocialTimes the launch of the feature was a response to demand from journalists, vloggers and do-it-yourselfers, among other users, adding that it is currently available to a ‘small percentage’ of users, with more set to come on board ‘in the coming months.’”

VNC Roulette Shows Screenshots of Unsecured Desktops

If you’re worried about Internet security, this’ll give you a jolt: a site called VNC Roulette that shows screenshots of unsecured desktops. Based on the languages of what I was seeing, these things are all over the world. I didn’t see anything pornographic but one screenshot showed what looked like personal information of patients at a medical practice. If you remote-access your desktop, make sure it’s secure.