Dmoz Directory Being Killed Off on March 14

Dmoz is finally being killed off. “Dmoz, one of the longest standing, human curated, directories on the Internet will be shut down for good on March 14, 2017. Directories played a huge part in the early days of the Internet, especially if they were curated by companies or volunteers.” And then payola and system-scamming ruined everything. Wrap your head around this: Dmoz lasted longer than Google Reader.

Cyndi’s List is 20 Years Old. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to genealogy site CYNDI’S LIST! it’s celebrating its 20th birthday. “What started out as a side-page in a personal genealogy web site has become one of the top genealogy resources online. The original site started on one web page with 1,025 links. By the end of that first year the site was sorted onto individual pages with more than 9,600 links in more than 50 categories. Just after its one-year anniversary the site had grown to 17,300 links in more than 60 categories on 195+ separate web pages. The site has continued to grow exponentially with the popularity of genealogy and the Internet. Today there are more than 330,000 links in 207 categories that point to an endless supply of related genealogy links online.”