How-To Geek: The Best Free DJ Apps

How-to Geek: The Best Free DJ Apps. “Being a DJ used to be expensive. Even if you had no skills, you’d have to invest in equipment worth thousands of dollars to start. Thankfully, technology has bought those costs down. Today, you can learn to DJ for just a few dollars, even for free! The following apps will help improve your DJ skills—whether you want to do it personally or professionally.”

Cornell: Scientists, wildlife DJ, hip-hop archivists create ‘BeastBox’

Cornell: Scientists, wildlife DJ, hip-hop archivists create ‘BeastBox’. “Musicians have long drawn inspiration from nature, but a new online game is taking that connection one step further. ‘Beastbox’ takes sound clips from real wild animals, transforms them into loops, and allows users to mix and match them into an endless variety of beats, breaks and drops. Along the way, players learn about the animals and the ecosystems they belong to.”

The Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive

New to me: The Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive. Just what it sounds like on the tin: a collection of downloadable DJ sets from the Toronto rave scene. There must be at least a thousand sets here, going back to the early 1990s. There’s also a small number of videos and a small but decently-annotated link list.