The Register: Oomm-tsss, oomm-tsss, Oomm-tsss, oomm-tsss… it’s an AI beatbox

The Register: Oomm-tsss, oomm-tsss, Oomm-tsss, oomm-tsss… it’s an AI beatbox. “Vid AI can now beatbox for you for hours on end using your voice, if you’re into that kind of thing. Nao Tokui – a visiting associate professor at Kyushu University in California and a CEO of Qosmo, an AI and music startup – has developed a neural-network-based system that collects about 20 seconds of any sound to produce a custom drum kit, and then automatically sequences rhythms using those utterances and noises.”

Google Creates an AI-Powered Drum Machine

Useful-for-a-given-value: Google’s made an AI-powered drum machine. “Infinite Drum Machine – following on from the brilliantly fun Quick, Draw! – is a computer-organised database of everyday sounds grouped together by a computer, with no information given to it on what each noise could be.” Bottles, people, animals, books, mechanical processes, etc –

Ambitious Kickstarter Project Wants to Raise $250K For Archive of Percussion Instruments

KICKSTARTER CORNER: A new Kickstarter is underway to build an archive of percussion instruments. I don’t have high hopes, though; the project is trying to raise $250,000 (!) and the English is a little awkward: “No drum or instrument is extinct from time. Referencing the video and pictures posted: Some instruments have over time been extinct from history. Using vintage catalogs, pictures, and technology, drums that have not been seen for 100’s of years will now resurface. In the video and 2 pictures below you can watch one of Ludwig’s first drums ever made resurface. This feature will be used to fill in the gaps of time. Catalogs, badges, drums, auxiliary percussion, xylophones, marimbas, and more will be recreated using today’s technology.” I like the ideas and I think Mr. Malone’s heart is in the right place, but this might be a bit ambitious for a first Kickstarter project.