Dutch Caribbean Digital Heritage Project Goes Online

A large collection of Dutch Caribbean history has gone online. “The Dutch Caribbean digital heritage project, made possible through a subsidy of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science OCW, was an extensive endeavour that involved the sorting and selecting of a whole lot of material of which some pieces were very fragile because they are very old. Project Leader Innovation and Projects of the Leiden University Dr. Saskia van Bergen mentioned a few figures in her presentation during the symposium in Leiden: 2,600 book titles, 11,000 articles, 450 magazines, 300 manuscripts were meticulously scanned by a professional company in Lisse, the Netherlands.”

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s Archive Now in English

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s archive is now available in English (before it was available only in Dutch.) “For many years, a team of orchestra employees and collaborators have researched the orchestra archives, unearthing and listing nearly all concerts given by the orchestra since it was founded in 1888. While the orchestra celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013, this culminated in the publication of the RCO online archive. A public orchestra archive of this size is unique in the world.” You have to be careful with searching, however, because composer and performer names are still in Dutch.