Wired Has an Ello Update

Wired has an update on social media site Ello. “…since the site has fallen out of the spotlight, it’s grown to serve a different purpose: a place for digital artists and designers to share their work and give feedback to peers, without the commercialized aspects that discourage them from other social networks.”

GigaOm Has An Ello Update

GigaOm has an update on the social network Ello and changes to come. “…perhaps the biggest change will be the ability for Ello users to post content to other social networks through the platform. This could make it something akin to a central management tool that allows people to share things on Ello first, thus giving them access to what’s described as a supportive community filled with talented people, before sharing them with the masses on other networks.” Oh, this could be great, especially if the platform includes sites that are not usually lumped in with other social networks (DeviantArt, for example.)

What’s Up With Ello

Tech Times has an update on the social network Ello. “It’s been a strange year-and-a-half for Ello. In Spring of last year, the site kicked off an invite-only launch after a year or so of private beta testing, its simple homepage greeting users with a plain language manifesto – a shot across the bow against the social network status quo.”