Digital Archive for British Explorer David Livingstone Gets Many More Materials

The digital archive for British explorer David Livingstone has been updated. “Adrian Wisnicki, assistant professor of English at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, led a group of international scholars to update Livingstone Online with more than 7,500 digital documents – including letters, diaries, maps and sketches. Users can interact with the entire collection, which was formerly available only by visiting about dozens of libraries and archives around the globe.”

How to Snapchat From Mt. Everest

Just wow: How to Snapchat from Mt Everest. There are many (stunning) images here and Snapchats which have been uploaded to YouTube. “At the beginning of April, [Adrian] Ballinger, along with climber and photographer Cory Richards, National Geographic’s 2012 Adventurer of the Year, set out to climb Everest without oxygen tanks. They’re not the first to attempt this feat, but they are the first to document the entire journey in real time using Snapchat. (Editor’s note: on May 24, the partners reached their goal and summited Everest.)”

Polar Museum Puts Antarctic Catalog Online

The Polar Museum announced this in March and I missed it, but I got it last week: the Antarctic Catalog is now online. “Over 1500 records are now available online, of which 900 currently have images. This includes clothing and footwear, snowshoes and crampons, skis, goggles, medals and coins, domestic and personal equipment, foodstuffs, animal equipment such as whips and harnesses, scientific equipment, and geological and natural history specimens. It covers material from the expeditions of Scott and Shackleton in the 1900s and 1910s, the British Graham Land Expedition in the 1930s, the Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition in the 1950s, the Transglobe Expedition in the 1980s, and the expeditions of the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey and the British Antarctic Survey, as well as many others. More images will be added as the objects are photographed, and more records will be added as the cataloguing progresses.” As the blog post I’m linking […]

Explorer David Livingstone Gets an Online Archive

Scottish explorer David Livingstone now has an online archive. “The site, Livingstone Online,, is the digital home for the documents chronicling the life and work of Livingstone, a missionary, physician and abolitionist best known for his travels in Africa in the mid-19th century…. More than 7,500 original images of Livingstone’s writings can be found on the site and the archive is expected to expand to more than 12,000 images by 2016. The archive also includes drawings and illustrations depicting Livingstone’s work and findings.”