Wired: Fans Are Better Than Tech at Organizing Information Online

Wired: Fans Are Better Than Tech at Organizing Information Online. “Kudos to the fans. One of the nominees for the Hugo Awards this year is Archive of Our Own, a fanfiction archive containing nearly 5 million fanworks—about the size of the English Wikipedia, and several years younger. It’s not just the fanfic, fanart, fanvids, and other fanworks, impressive as they are, that make Archive of Our Own worthy of one of the biggest honors in science fiction and fantasy. It’s also the architecture of the site itself.”

UCI News: UCI-led study finds Harry Potter fan fiction challenges cultural stereotypes of autism

Not quite in the wheelhouse, but I love it, I write fanfiction, and I have a close family member who’s an aspie. So, from UCI News: UCI-led study finds Harry Potter fan fiction challenges cultural stereotypes of autism. “Online publishing platforms and digital media can provide opportunities for nonmainstream groups to push back against and offer alternatives to the simplistic stereotypes presented in literature and popular culture. A study led by the University of California, Irvine focused on Harry Potter fan fiction and discovered that autistic people, family members, teachers and advocates cast autistic characters in their stories in diverse ways that challenge typical representations.”

Guy Scrapes FanFiction.net and Makes Huge Torrent

A guy has finished a huge project of scraping FanFiction.net and now has an enormous archive of text files. He’s probably going to Torrent them. I have mixed feelings about this. First, I’m not sure if this is in line with FanFiction’s terms of service – and FanFiction’s advertising (which I assume supports the site) is friendly and non-intrusive enough that you can’t even make the argument that the service has intrusive advertising that makes it hard to use. (Notice I did not say that was a valid excuse for circumventing the terms of service – I said you couldn’t even make that argument). On the other hand, if FanFiction went offline suddenly, what would happen to these stories? Are they being backed up anywhere? It’s not in the Wayback Machine at all, for example. Perhaps FanFiction.net could enact a switch for people who would like their stories archived?