Motherboard: This Website Texts You AI-Generated Foot Pics

Motherboard: This Website Texts You AI-Generated Foot Pics. “A generative adversarial network (GAN) machine learning system generates the feet on demand. GANs are a kind of computer program that learns how to create images by studying inputs—human feet in this case. There’s multiple sites generating fake human faces by studying millions of pictures of real human faces. That means thisfootdoesnotexist trained itself by staring at real human feet pictures.”

“What? And Leave Toe Business?”

About a week ago a lovely ResearchBuzz reader sent me some Cabot cheese. We had a cheese tasting party at dinner and a week later had a grilled cheese sandwich party featuring the cheese I brought, my uncle’s vegetable soup, and my husband’s stewed apples. (Not all in the same dish, obviously.) I am so grateful to Wendy for her generosity, and after reading this story I’m even more grateful that I’ve never been sent a toe. “Nothing like two people meeting over the internet and one person sending the other a toe in order to get a necklace made.” WARNING: This story has images of an amputated toe.