Techdirt: Study Suggests Shutting Down Filesharing Sites Would Hurt Music Industry, New Artists

Techdirt: Study Suggests Shutting Down Filesharing Sites Would Hurt Music Industry, New Artists. “… there has been an update to a study first publicized as a work in progress several years ago run by the Information Economics and Policy Journal out of Queen’s University. Based on that study, it looks like attempts to shut down filesharing sites would not just be ineffectual, but disastrous for both the music industry as a whole and especially new and smaller-ticket artists. The most popular artists, on the other hand, tend to be more hurt by piracy than helped. That isn’t to be ignored, but we must keep in mind that the purpose of copyright law is to get more art created for the benefit of the public and it seems obvious that the public most benefits from a larger successful music ecosystem as opposed to simply getting more albums from the largest audiences.”

CNET: How to set up a shared library with Google Photos

CNET: How to set up a shared library with Google Photos. “Although we are both equipped with an iPhone, I take many more photos than my wife, which makes me the photo keeper of the family. When the occasion arises to show a photo of one of our two kids to a friend (that we have not already posted to Instagram), she asks me to dig through the photos on my phone and find the requested image. Now, thanks to new shared libraries from Google Photos, I no longer need to serve as the family’s photo retriever.”

ZDNet: Microsoft to shut down its file-sharing site December 15

ZDNet: Microsoft to shut down its file-sharing site December 15. “Officials posted a notice of the planned end of service on June 9 on its site. In that note, Microsoft attributed overlap between SlideShare, which is part of LinkedIn, and OneDrive with as the reasons for the December 2017 closing. Microsoft bought LinkedIn last year.”

Dropbox Announces New Products (PRESS RELEASE)

Dropbox has made some updates and rolled them out in a big PRESS RELEASE. “Dropbox today launched a series of new products and business solutions that will transform the future of teamwork. Companies are increasingly organizing themselves around teams, and Dropbox is building the tools they need to be creative and productive. Today’s launches include Smart Sync (formerly Project Infinite), Dropbox Paper, a redesigned Dropbox web interface with improved collaboration features, and new Dropbox Business packages.”

Threatpost: Plugs Account Data Leakage Flaw

Threatpost: Plugs Account Data Leakage Flaw. “ has changed the way it handles publicly shared accounts and folders after a researcher found confidential documents and data belonging to users via Google, Bing and other search engines. While maintains this is a case of its customers unintentionally over-sharing, it says it has ‘fixed’ the issue.”

Google Launches “Team Drives” in Beta / Testing Release

Google has launched “Team Drives” in what looks like early beta. “Google is opening up applications to businesses interested in testing its new file-sharing product called Team Drives. Announced earlier this fall, the focus of Team Drives is to offer companies an easier way to share files across their organization, along with more granular access controls over the content those shared folders contain.”