Mashable: Google can now predict flight delays

Mashable: Google can now predict flight delays . “The only thing worse than missing your flight is arriving on time just to realize the flight’s been delayed for a couple of hours, and there’s nothing you can do besides sip expensive airport coffee and worry about missing a meeting and/or a connecting flight. Google’s excellent Flights service has a new feature that should help remedy this.”

New Atlas: NASA uploads hundreds of historic experimental flight videos to YouTube

New Atlas: NASA uploads hundreds of historic experimental flight videos to YouTube. “Fans of experimental aircraft from the 20th century are in for a treat. NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center has begun uploading its entire historical archive to YouTube, making hundreds of videos highlighting different test flights and strange planes from the past 70 years easily accessible.”

Online Museum of Model Aircraft

Launched in July: an online museum of model aircraft. “[David] Wendell, 48, has spent the last 25 years and thousands of dollars securing model airplanes and space shuttles, traveling across the country to get the models autographed by the pilots who flew them. Wendell’s online museum, which went live in July… features 365 autographed model airplanes and space shuttles, signed aviation and aerospace posters, paintings and various aviation and aerospace facts.”

Collection of Air-to-Air Refueling Images

New-to-me but apparently online for something like seven years, and a new favorite on my “very specific collections” list: a collection of over 1000 air-to-air refuelling images. “My collection includes many rare pictures (ever see an A-10 refuel from a KC-97?) of over 120 different receiver types. Whenever possible I will try to provide a link to the source(s), but I have been collecting the pictures for years on my hard drive and it may be very difficult to track down the original source.” There are embedded YouTube videos as well.

TSA Now Answering Questions Via Facebook Messenger

Federal agency TSA is now on Facebook Messenger. “Wondering what hours the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck lanes are staffed at your local airport? Or whether you can bring an obscure item through airport security? You can now get the answers to those questions and many more by asking the TSA directly through Facebook’s Messenger function.”