KX Net: State Flood Risk Map Now Available To Residents

KX Net: State Flood Risk Map Now Available To Residents.”The North Dakota Water Commission recently unveiled a new interactive map you can check out before the water starts to rise. Officially called the North Dakota Risk Assessment Map service, the new, free tool will show users flood depths, surface elevations as well as scenarios for 100-and 500-year floods.”

Furman Center Launches New Floodplain Data Tool

Furman Center, NYU: Introducing FloodzoneData.us, Presenting Data on the People and Housing in the U.S. Floodplain. “FloodzoneData.us is a new data tool presented by the NYU Furman Center describing the people and housing located in the nation’s floodplains. The interactive map and data downloads make information available at the state, county, and Census tract levels…. The NYU Furman Center’s FloodzoneData.us combines housing and population data with FEMA maps of the 100-year floodplain (the term for areas with a one percent probability of flooding each year) and the 500-year floodplain (areas with a 0.2 percent probability of flooding each year).”