Mixmag: 75 Global Rave Flyers From The Largest Flyer Archive In The World

New-to-me but apparently online since 2013: an online archive of rave flyers. “The largest archive of independently collected rave flyers in the world is tucked away in the mountains of Oregon, taken care of by a man named Matthew Johnson. Starting The Rave Preservation Project back in 2013, Johnson has amassed a collection of over 40,000 pieces of rave memorabilia from the mid-‘80s, ‘90s and early 2000s. Including duplicates, there are over 250,000 pieces stored in the archive. “

For Show: Boston Flashpoint unveils massive archive of ’80s-era Boston music scene posters (Vanyaland)

Vanyaland: For Show: Boston Flashpoint unveils massive archive of ’80s-era Boston music scene posters. “Boston Flashpoint, Kino Digital Video’s online archive of the city’s music scene during its 1980s heyday, has this week unveiled ‘The Art of the ’80s Boston Band and Event Poster’, a showcased collection of roughly 150 posters, flyers, and prints that range from collages to illustrations to paintings to modified photography.”

Band/Performance Flyers from Chattanooga, Tennessee Aggregated in New Tumblr

I love ephemera archives! A new Tumblr site is creating an archive of band/performance flyers from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I also love that there’s a local news site for the area called Nooga.com. “The site, A History of Chattanooga Flyers, accepts submissions from all types of shows, including music concerts, film showings, roller derby games and basically any other show/performance that’s taken place in Chattanooga over the past few decades. “