The Ringer: ‘NCAA Football’ Is Still Alive, Because One Online Community Won’t Let the Game Die

The Ringer: ‘NCAA Football’ Is Still Alive, Because One Online Community Won’t Let the Game Die. “EA Sports stopped issuing new versions of its beloved college football title in 2013. But you can still play the video game with updated rosters—thanks to the tireless efforts of an unlikely group of caretakers.”

TechCrunch: The NFL joins TikTok in multi-year partnership

TechCrunch: The NFL joins TikTok in multi-year partnership. “The NFL and social video app TikTok today announced a multi-year partnership to bring NFL content to worldwide fans, just ahead of the NFL’s 100th season kick off on September 5. The partnership includes the launch of an official NFL account on the video platform, as well as a series of NFL-themed hashtag challenges, and other marketing opportunities for brands around the NFL content.”

Engadget: Alexa adds in-depth NFL stats ahead of the new season

Engadget: Alexa adds in-depth NFL stats ahead of the new season. “Alexa’s football knowledge is now decidedly more profound. Amazon has added a slew of info to its voice assistant’s repertoire that includes ‘comprehensive, in-depth’ stats for NFL teams and their players. If you want to know your favorite player’s rushing yards or how many penalty yards the team has racked up, it’s just a quick question away.”

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Announces Digital Archive

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football has announced a full archive for subscribers. (This link is to a Facebook post.) “Every summer for the last 59 years football fans in Texas eagerly anticipate their copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine. Until now, only the most savvy magazine collectors managed to hold on to their vintage copies. Early editions have sold for as much as $1,000. Now, thanks to a unique partnership with the nonPareil Institute of Plano, Texans will be able to find their names and their favorite team previews from 1960 to present day.” Subscriptions are $19.95 a year, I think.

A Database of Uniforms Worn by American Football Teams

New-to-me, but apparently online for a long time: a database of uniforms from American football teams. That’s American football, as opposed to football almost everywhere else. From the About Page: “This website presents graphical representations of every uniform that has been worn in the NFL since 1920. This project is the culmination of a lot of hard work by two men to chronicle the numerous combinations of uniforms that have been worn by players in the league in thousands of games over the past eighty years. Tim Brulia and Bill Schaefer have painstakingly worked on this research over the past few years.”