University of Toronto: Global Database of Atrocities on Cameroon Crisis

University of Toronto: Global Database of Atrocities on Cameroon Crisis. “The database will aggregate, verify, secure, and publish information about atrocities or crimes against humanity committed by Cameroonian military and non-state armed groups. It is non-partisan and apolitical. All documentation will be securely stored and published online with four main objectives in mind: international justice processes; a possible national truth, justice, and reconciliation commission; advocacy, journalism, academic research; and deterrence from further violence and gross impunity.”

Scroll: Cheeky Spanish reporter uses Google Translate to go around French press conference rules

Scroll: Cheeky Spanish reporter uses Google Translate to go around French press conference rules. “In order to avoid questions on rumours about being transferred to another club, French footballer Antoine Griezmann — who played last season for Spanish team Atletico Madrid — refused to answer questions in languages other than French at a press conference. Getting the reporters to ask the questions in French was also an attempt at keeping the conversation focussed on France’s pursuit of the World Cup 2018. A Spanish journalist came up with a smart way to bypass the rule.” SPOILER: it didn’t work. But I give him points for creativity.

British Library: Illuminated manuscripts for polyglots

British Library: Illuminated manuscripts for polyglots. “Here at the British Library we have just completed our latest digitisation project, with over 100 manuscripts added to our website between January 2016 and July this year. The project, funded by a private donor, has focused on collection items in French and other European vernacular languages that are notable either for their illuminations or for texts of particular interest. A list of the manuscripts digitised in this project is available at online: Download French and Vernacular Illuminated project digitisation list.”

Know Louisiana: LSM Prepares to Publish Colonial Documents Collection Online

Know Louisiana: LSM Prepares to Publish Colonial Documents Collection Online. “In a few months, the Louisiana State Museum (LSM) will complete the digitization and online publication of its Colonial Documents Collection, a massive project that will exponentially increase access to this rich archive for researchers of every stripe, from high school students to amateur genealogists to academic historians. The digitization marks the most recent phase of a series of efforts stretching back more than a hundred years to make it easier for researchers to navigate this enormous collection of criminal and civil court cases, commercial transactions, successions, wills, and other legal documents dating back to 1714. Global access to these 220,000 pages, handwritten in French and Spanish, will open up the archives as never before to those who study Louisiana and its inhabitants.”

Nova Scotia [Canada] Adds Three Historical Newspapers – Two Gaelic, One Acadian French (I Think)

The Nova Scotia [Canada] Historical Newspapers Online Database has added two new Gaelic titles and one in what I think is Acadian French. “Old newspapers and magazines provide rich historical records, but when the ink fades and the paper turns to dust, the information is lost. Those records are preserved digitally by the Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers Online Database, in collaboration with local universities and libraries. Now, the list includes Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse and two Gaelic publications — An Cuairtear Òg Gaelach and Am Bràighe.”