BBC: New funding of £2.5m for next phase of Gaelic dictionary

BBC: New funding of £2.5m for next phase of Gaelic dictionary . “Funding of £2.5m has been put in place for the next phase of the development of the first comprehensive Gaelic dictionary. Faclair na Gàidhlig aims to document the history, development and use of every single word in the language.”

NurseryWorld: Scottish Book Trust unveils new Song and Rhyme Library

NurseryWorld: Scottish Book Trust unveils new Song and Rhyme Library. “Housed on the Bookbug website, the new Song and Rhyme Library provides a searchable online catalogue of fun demonstration videos for parents, carers and early years practitioners in Scotland.” There’s not a lot here yet but songs in Gaelic and Scots are available as well as English.

Nova Scotia [Canada] Adds Three Historical Newspapers – Two Gaelic, One Acadian French (I Think)

The Nova Scotia [Canada] Historical Newspapers Online Database has added two new Gaelic titles and one in what I think is Acadian French. “Old newspapers and magazines provide rich historical records, but when the ink fades and the paper turns to dust, the information is lost. Those records are preserved digitally by the Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers Online Database, in collaboration with local universities and libraries. Now, the list includes Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse and two Gaelic publications — An Cuairtear Òg Gaelach and Am Bràighe.”

National Library of Scotland Puts More Gaelic Items Online

The National Library of Scotland has put a lot more Gaelic stuff online. “Every known out-of-copyright Gaelic item in the National Library of Scotland is now online. Gaelic items dating back to the 17th century are now free to use on the Library’s website. Around 600 items have been newly digitised, making a total of 1,200 items available from the Library’s Gaelic collections.”