Queen Mary University of London: Investigating representations of gender-based violence

Queen Mary University of London: Investigating representations of gender-based violence. “Using interdisciplinary research methods, the two-year study will focus on how four types of violence (domestic abuse, trafficking, street harassment, menstruation-based discrimination) are portrayed in graphic print publications such as comics and public graphic expressions including murals, graffiti and street art. The research will also examine how stakeholders, including activists and artists, use graphic art as an awareness-raising tool. The work aims to foster knowledge exchange via local research hubs. It will result in two creative initiatives with local arts and non-governmental organisations: an open-access digital archive of representations of gender-based violence and a series of workshops for 600 girls aged between 12 and 17.”

EurekAlert: New tool using Facebook data shows worldwide gender gap

EurekAlert: New tool using Facebook data shows worldwide gender gap. “This tool produces a metric, called the Facebook Gender Divide, based on the aggregate statistics of almost 1,5 billion users from 217 countries. The research team validated their measurements against survey data and showed a strong relationship between the Facebook Gender Divide and standard measurements of social and economic gender inequality from the World Economic Forum.”

Wired: The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google

Wired: The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google. “FIRED GOOGLE ENGINEER James Damore says he was vilified and harassed for questioning what he calls the company’s liberal political orthodoxy, particularly around the merits of diversity. Now outspoken diversity advocates at Google say that they are being targeted by a small group of their coworkers in an effort to silence discussions about racial and gender diversity.”

Mashable: Google Translate users report sexist results

Mashable: Google Translate users report sexist results. “Supporting 103 languages, the digital Babel Fish directly influences our understanding of languages and cultures different than our own. In providing such an important tool, Google has assumed the responsibility of accurately translating the content that passes through its servers. But, it doesn’t always. Or, perhaps more precisely, where there exists a gray area in language, Google Translate can fall into the same traps as humans. That seems to have been demonstrated by a series of tweets showing Google Translate in the act of gendering professions in such a way that can only be described as problematic.”

Mint: SC tells Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to block pre-natal sex determination ads

Mint: SC tells Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to block pre-natal sex determination ads. “The Supreme Court [of India] on Wednesday directed the central government to constitute a nodal agency to monitor pre-natal sex determination advertisements. A two-judge bench led by justice Dipak Misra also directed the companies like Google India, Yahoo India and Microsoft Corp. India Pvt. Ltd that operate search engines to remove advertisements for sex determination of foetus within 36 hours of receiving the complaint.”

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Agree to Block Gender Determination Ads in India

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have all agreed to block ads for gender determination of babies in India. “Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have agreed to block ads for Indian services that help determine a baby’s sex before birth, adhering to laws intended to address one of the world’s worst gender imbalances. All three companies pledged to honor bans on the promotion of sexual-determination tests and related products, the health ministry told India’s Supreme Court on Monday. The court was hearing a case that sought the abolition of all content on search engines that promote such services.”