DigitalNC: New Additions of the Green Line Newspaper Now Available

DigitalNC: New Additions of the Green Line Newspaper Now Available!. “Digital NC is happy to announce the new additions of the Green Line Newspaper, 1987 – 1994. The Green Line newspaper was a local newsletter in Asheville, North Carolina, part of the North Carolina Green Party for the Western NC Green Movement. While many of their initiatives surrounded environmental causes within the community and the state and aligned with the NC Green Party, the newsletter was editorially independent.”

Research: Discussion of Third-Party Candidates on Facebook

From Mashable: stats about the presence and discussion of third party candidates on Facebook. “Between July 10 and Aug. 9, 4.3 million U.S. Facebook users who are 18 or older have garnered 27.6 million interactions — likes, comments, posts and shares — related to Johnson. About 2.8 million people generated 16.1 million interactions related to Stein. That’s a steep climb from the 15,247 and 15,812 people talking about Johnson and Stein, respectively, back on May 2.”