Stabroek News: Virtual platform launched to showcase Guyanese artwork

Stabroek News: Virtual platform launched to showcase Guyanese artwork. “The platform allows artists to showcase and sell their work, with information about the various pieces displayed through individualized links created on the website. The display includes paintings, photography, ceramics, sculptures and mixed media. Among others, the website features paintings from Jermana Defreitas, Akeem King and Michael Griffith, along with photography from Reshi Rampersaud, Keno George and Michael Lam.” This site is nominally about ecommerce, but I get so little about Guyana I wanted to include it.

Facebook Free Basics – Without Involvement By Facebook

The very small country of Guyana has created its own version of Facebook Free Basics — without Facebook being involved! “Last week a local mobile operator, GTT, announced it would let users with data plans access Facebook and WhatsApp at no cost. This treatment of the data, known as ‘zero rating,’ would be accompanied by free access for any GTT user, even those without data plans, to 20 websites selected by the operator. The plan’s name? ‘Free Basic 4G Services.’”