An Instagram Hashtag Tool for Photographers

Interesting: an Instagram hashtag curating tool for photographers. Wonder if they could make one of these for archives, museums, etc. “The premise is quite simple. Choose the style of photography you’re capturing and the location where you’re shooting from a predefined list and a curated collection of hashtags will be presented for you to copy and paste into place.”

How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Twitter

From Spin Sucks: How to identify popular hashtags on Twitter. The article has a PR/marketing slant (as you might guess from the blog title) but using these tools can help you understand how people use language on Twitter, which can make you a better searcher (goodness knows Twitter can be a search challenge.)

Analyzing Road Rage on Instagram

More Instagram: researching road rage on Instagram. “In a recent study, the Auto Insurance Center analyzed 65,535 Instagram posts hashtagged #RoadRage with the hopes of discovering where, when, and why drivers in the U.S. were most upset. As it turns out, August is the worst month when it comes to angry drivers. With summer vacations often leading to more cars on the road, motorists have more fodder for their fury. July comes in at a close second, again lending to the notion that driving in the summer is the worst.”

Concern About Twitter Removal of Political Hashtag

Speaking of censoring content, Daily Kos is concerned about a Hillary Clinton hashtag getting removed from Twitter and a user getting suspended. Twitter has backtracked and said the suspension is a mistake, but since Twitter’s algorithms aren’t transparent it’s not really clear what happened. “Considering the nature of Twitter’s algorithm, it may just be a coincidence that Twitter suspended activist account @GuerrillaDems, at the same time that its massively popular hashtags #WhichHillary & #WhichHillaryCensored were suddenly absent from many users’ trending lists. Twitter now says that the suspension of @GuerrillaDems was a mistake.”

Facebook Testing Profile Tags?

Facebook is apparently testing profile tags ala LinkedIn. If enacted this will give my friend Dan Lyke and I many more opportunities for silliness. “And like LinkedIn, you can assign tags to yourself, or your friends can assign them at your approval. And being Facebook, you can create whatever tag you want — you won’t have to pick from a set list. You can even use emoji — and that will likely be the kicker.”

Museums and Hashtags

Good stuff: the Digital Content Strategist at Blanton Museum talks hashtags, specifically standardizing on a museum-wide hashtag and strategies for developing exhibit-specific hashtags. “If you’ve been a longtime visitor to the Blanton—or just oddly interested in the design of our title walls—then you might have noticed that about a year ago, we started including hashtags on the entrance walls to our exhibitions. A little backstory: after I began working at the Blanton and ramping up our social media profiles, I noticed that visitors who posted about our shows would often make up their own hashtags to include in posts. For example, we had people tagging, #blantonmuseumofart, #blanton, #bma #blantonmuseumaustin, or a variety of other combinations to show that they had been at the museum. This made it hard for me to monitor what people were posting about us since there was no consistency. Now we have a dedicated hashtag (#blantonmuseum) […]