From Opioids To Silica Gel: Interactive Online Tool Provides Immediate Advice For Poison-Related Emergencies (PRESS RELEASE)

A new Web site aims to provide advice for poison-related emergencies (PRESS RELEASE). “The new tool provides critical, lifesaving poison information from any computer or smart device. The nation’s 55 poison control centers, collectively known as ‘poison control,’ are staffed by specially-trained physicians, pharmacists, and nurses who are experts in toxicology, poisoning information, prevention, and treatment—many of these same experts created and vetted the new online tool. “

New Web Site Tracks Flu Levels Around the United States

A new Web site provides information on flu activity around the US. “When you enter a zip code on, it shows where the flu level is in your county, breaks it down by age group based on real-time data from local physicians and helps connect you with nearby doctors.” It told me the flu activity was high in this county, which based on all the people taking off work I would have guessed…

New Search Engine Launch at CES: Seenso Health (PRESS RELEASE)

Oh, it just wouldn’t be CES without a new search engine launch. This time it’s Seenso Health (PRESS RELEASE). “Cogilex R&D Inc., a Montreal-based technology innovation company, today launched a new type of search engine named Seenso Health. Seenso ranks webpages intelligently based on the meaning of their content. In addition, it mimics the behavior of a knowledgeable and helpful guide by offering users knowledge maps of key information and a guided exploratory interface for expanding the search.” The press release also states that the engine will have no advertising and no user tracking…

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Suffers Data Leak

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has reported a data leak. “Personal information from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services’ internal files has been posted to a social media site, Commissioner Jeffrey A. Meyers said. DHHS learned Nov. 4 of this breach and notified the NH Department of Information Technology, NH State Police and other state officials.” And, over six weeks later, the public gets to hear about it. Nice.

Ubergizmo: Twitter Used As A Weapon To Give ‘Vanity Fair’ Editor A Seizure

Geez! From Ubergizmo: Twitter Used As A Weapon To Give ‘Vanity Fair’ Editor A Seizure. “Harassment on social media is real. We’ve seen how trolls and bullies use social media to attack other users, such as insulting them, posting their personal details, creating embarrassing memes, and so on. However in what could be the first of its kind, it seems that a Twitter troll has managed to physically harm another user through Twitter.”

New Online Resource for Global Childhood Cancer Education

Baylor College of Medicine has launched a new site in an effort to promote global education on childhood cancer. “Through the SIOP – Paediatric Oncology in Developing Countries Education/Training Working Group, [Dr. Jeremy] Slone and colleagues developed a website called Paediatric Oncology International Network for Training and Education, or POINTE, with a goal of promoting global childhood cancer education. The website was launched at the SIOP Annual Congress in Dublin last month. The online database lists more than 70 unique training opportunities in the field of hematology/oncology for healthcare workers in resource-limited settings. Because many healthcare professionals in resource-limited settings lack an adequate internet connection, it‘s also available as a printable spreadsheet. It lists opportunity type, intended audience, location, duration of training, application deadline and other important information.”