Neowin: Microsoft announces new Bing features following Build 2017

Neowin: Microsoft announces new Bing features following Build 2017. “Following Microsoft’s annual Build event last week, which was thoroughly covered by Neowin, the company has now announced some new features arriving to Bing. The search engine will now support bots, eSports coverage and search for hiking and camping places.”

South Carolina Launches New Site With Trails Information

The state of South Carolina has a new online Web site for its trails. And this is a horrible link I’m sending you to. It’s an online newsletter. You’ll have to scroll down a bit. I apologize. “The new site features an enhanced search function that allows users to search by trail use, geographic location, and difficulty using either the search engine or by navigating the site’s map. It’s all inclusive, offering information on equestrian, walking, biking, ATV and water trails.”

News AU: Relying on Google Maps got this woman stranded in the Grand Canyon for five days

I’m looking forward to the time when we’re talking about Google Maps and its problems as much as we talk about Google Adwords and ITS problems. From News AU: Relying on Google Maps got this woman stranded in the Grand Canyon for five days. “One woman in the US has spent five days lost and stranded in a remote part of the Grand Canyon after Google Maps took her down a wrong turn. Amber Vanhecke, 24, was so lost in the national park that she thought she would die and even recorded farewell messages on her phone.” The story about this on ABC News refers to Amber’s “GPS” and not Google Maps, so I was wondering, but Amber herself on her GoFundMe page for her medical expenses and car damage says it was Google Maps.

Israel National Trail Goes on Google Street View

Google has put the Israel National Trail on Google Street View. “Google and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel launched on Sunday a project under which the entire length of the Israel National Trail has been photographed and mapped, using the ‘Straight View’ method. This is the longest trail ever covered using this method of mapping and photography, spanning 1,100 kilometers.”