Twitter Getting Better and Better at Compressing Images

Twitter is having trouble on all kinds of fronts put apparently it’s getting really good at compressing images. “Twitter has long been interested in compression—more than 300 million tweets are sent each day, many of them with attachments. In June, Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technology, an artificial-intelligence startup focused on making pictures look better at smaller file sizes, to jumpstart its machine-learning team. That team, now known as Twitter Cortex, earlier this month announced one of its first major successes: a machine-learning algorithm that can compress a photo more efficiently than JPEG2000 (an industry standard more modern but less common than just JPEG). Put plainly, that means sharper pictures that take up less space.”

Blog: Techniques for Recovering Lost Texts

For archivists: Techniques for recovering lost texts. “A substantial portion of the Rylands Gaster manuscript collection have already been selected for digitisation, including a number of manuscripts that suffered water damage during the Second World War. The level of water damage varies, some texts are still legible but faint, others have whole sections of pages rendered illegible. The Heritage Imaging Team have been investigating the best way to recover the text in these volumes, unsurprisingly, we have found that a single solution does not fit all. The aim of this blog post is to demonstrate the different processing options available to researchers.” There’s got to be a way you could automate that Photoshop imaging…