Canadian Biomass: Building a combustible dust incident database

Canadian Biomass: Building a combustible dust incident database. “For the last two years, DustEx Research Ltd. has focused on tracking, capturing, and generating lessons learned from combustible dust fires and explosions. In the first six months of 2018, they recorded 75 fires, 14 explosions, nine injuries, and one fatality in North America. Internationally, an additional 14 fires, 12 explosions, 31 injuries, and eight fatalities were found. This information is being compiled into an open, free-to-use, online database so that operators, technical specialists, and safety professionals can search, sort, and understand the industries, materials, and equipment most often involved in dust fires and explosions.”

TechRadar: Google Glass is back, but for these people the AR wearable never went away

TechRadar: Google Glass is back, but for these people the AR wearable never went away. “Last month Google announced its intention to sell Glass Enterprise Edition to businesses across the world, and it’s now on sale. However, companies are already using an enterprise/business version of Google Glass, out of the public eye, and have been working with Google on developing for Glass since it first appeared. There’s hidden magic going on, and we’ve talked to some of the people and companies innovating with Glass to see what we’ve been missing, from building jet engines to helping out with invasive surgeries.”

Torque Magazine Launches New Online Archive

Torque Magazine has launched a new online archive. “The magazine, covering the fastener, tool and related industries, is now published ten times a year – with five in print and five exclusively digital enhanced issues. Both enhanced digital and print issues are available to read online in the new archive….”

Now Available in UK: Database of Stolen Fork Lifts

Now available in the UK: a database of stolen fork lifts. “The Stolen Truck Database is believed to the first of its kind in the UK. Through it, anyone who has had a truck stolen can report the theft and the details of the truck including make, model, power source and serial number. This is then added to a central database. Similarly, anyone being offered a used truck can access the database to check whether it has been reported as stolen.” Don’t laugh. When you need a forklift you NEED A FORKLIFT, and you can’t just run over and borrow your neighbor’s. And they’re incredibly expensive to rent. Do not ask me how I know this.

New Tool Tracks Deep Sea Mining Operations

I mentioned Global Fishing Watch not too long ago. Now there’s Deep Sea Mining Watch. “Unlike the offshore oil industry, which has been drilling in underwater environments for decades (with sometimes devastating consequences), the machinery required to mine gold, zinc, nickel, copper, manganese, and other valuable minerals from the deep sea is only now reaching maturation. It may be less than a year before this type of industrial extraction kicks off, and vessels are already prospecting to get a sense of their potential yield. Now, you can track these ships online with Deep Sea Mining Watch, a web tool launched on Wednesday at the Dreamforce software conference in San Francisco.”

Tesla Using Google Glass to Improve Factory Productivity?

It’s an industrial application, I tell you! Tesla using Google Glass for better production? “Google Glass Enterprise Edition has been leaked in full at this point, but what good is new enterprise-focused hardware unless it’s being used in the field? APX Labs, one of Google’s Glass at Work partners, has confirmed on its site that it has signed renowned maker of electric vehicles Tesla Motors as a client, and we have reason to believe that the company is using the latest unannounced Glass hardware to increase productivity at its Fremont factory…”