Europeana Sounds Adds Istanbul Soundscape

Europeana Sounds, a collection of soundscapes from around Europe, has added Istanbul. “This is a collection of over two hundred sounds recorded around Istanbul and the overall result really does create a vivid soundscape of the city. You can hear a donor kebab seller sharpening his knife; a fishmonger chatting to his customers; the tapping sounds from a wood carver’s stall; or, the more modern sounds of the Istanbul Metro ticket barriers.”

New Site Provides Historical Map Views of Istanbul, Turkey

A new site provides historical map views of Istanbul, Turkey. “A new online archive, created by Nil Tuzcu and his colleagues at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, allows viewers to pull the curtains back and observe some crucial milestones in the megacity’s evolution…. Here’s how it works: On the base map, users can overlay historical documents that go as far back as the 1850s and add georeferenced features like historical photographs. They can pile on multiple layers of data on the same map, or compare two milestones in a sliding window to see the change over time.”

A Soundscape of Istanbul

The city of Istanbul now has an online map of its soundscapes. If you’re looking at doing online soundscape design this one is quite elegant. Click on a dot (they’re color-coded by sound type) and you’ll get a popup player with the sound and an image from the area. Two issues: for me, the sounds loop, which can get irritating. Also, you can zoom in on the map of Istanbul but the dots denoting soundscapes are pretty small as you zoom. Still, a well-done soundscape, apparently still in development.