US Federal Agencies Worried About Other Countries When it Comes to IT Security

What are US government agencies most worried about when it comes to IT security? other countries, apparently. “The gravest attacks — and most common — perpetrated against agency networks involved nation states, according to an audit that happened to be released amid accusations the Russian government allegedly hacked the Democratic National Committee. The Government Accountability Office assessment comes one year after the Office of Personnel Management disclosed the biggest known breach of government-held personal information, also allegedly a foreign job.”

Must Read Fed IT Blogs

From FedTech: 50 Must-Read Federal IT Blogs 2015. Not all government blogs, a very interesting list. Twitter accounts are easily shown for following but not, alas, RSS feeds, and of course I should better than to expect the whole kaboodle in an OPML file.

Now Available: A Tool for Pricing Used IT Equipment

Now available: a tool for pricing used IT equipment. “An electronics recycler has created an IT products database representing 9,000 manufacturers and 11 million equipment models. The products range from consumer to business equipment, such as network storage devices, routers, switches, as well as servers, PCs and office machines. The database, called the Sage BlueBook, was launched this week in beta and will remain free to use.”