Mashable: Huge LinkedIn loophole put user security at risk

Mashable: Huge LinkedIn loophole put user security at risk . “[Michel] Rijnders discovered a serious flaw embedded within a very basic LinkedIn feature that allows users to post an official looking job opening on nearly any company’s LinkedIn business page. These unofficial listings show up on a company’s ‘Jobs’ page and look just like any other job opening posted legitimately by the organization.”

MakeUseOf: The 10 Best Job Search Websites

MakeUseOf: The 10 Best Job Search Websites. “There’s one thing every job seeker can do to improve their chances of landing a job—use multiple resources in their job hunting efforts. This means posting your resume online and using social networks. However, the core of your efforts should be focused on job search websites that bring all of the world’s jobs to your desktop. To help you begin or continue your hunt for a new position or career, these are the best job search websites.”

Spotted on Reddit: A Database of Companies that Use Remote Workers

Spotted on Reddit: a database of companies that use remote workers. I can’t find too much of an “about” section with this one, but it does seem to have a substantial number of companies and an excellent number of filters for sorting them (not only the type of company, but whether they offer health insurance, profit sharing, whether the teams are large or small, etc.)

Route Fifty: Artificial Intelligence Now Helps People Find Jobs

Route Fifty: Artificial Intelligence Now Helps People Find Jobs. “When people talk about artificial intelligence and the future of work, the central discussion is often how many jobs intelligent machines will eliminate. That was, in fact, the main thrust of conversation at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year. The young founders of the startup BLOC—all of whom are in college or recently entered this brave new workforce—are flipping that narrative to harness AI to help people secure jobs and tackle unemployment.”

KTVN: New Nevada Job Website Goes Online

KTVN: New Nevada Job Website Goes Online . “For workers, it’s a job resource like no other. Set your preferences and it drills down to the jobs you want, and it’s free to use. 1-stop shopping for finding and researching a new local position, and there are plenty of those. [Scott] Morrison says, ‘What struck me is, I explored the website. Right at the very front, 52,000-plus fast-growing jobs in a wide range of different areas.'”

Pew: Gender and Jobs in Online Image Searches

Pew (PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW!): Gender and Jobs in Online Image Searches. “Online media organizations, social media sites and individuals add vast quantities of images to the web each day. These images can then appear in search engines as users look for pictures representing common phrases or topics. Because the way that men and women are represented in these online search results might be connected to the way people understand gender and society, some academic researchers have specifically focused on the ways women and men are depicted in the workplace in online images.”

KelloggInsight: What Google Is Teaching Economists About Unemployment Insurance

KelloggInsight: What Google Is Teaching Economists About Unemployment Insurance. “For decades, policymakers have debated whether unemployment insurance provides a critical safety net during tough times, or whether it prolongs joblessness by reducing people’s incentive to find new work. But, to answer this question, researchers need a clear measure of how much effort people are actually making to search for jobs. And this activity has proven difficult to track. That is why Scott R. Baker, an associate professor of finance at the Kellogg School, turned to Google—specifically, to its data on search traffic.”