Slashgear: 12 Best Uses For Old Laptops

Slashgear: 12 Best Uses For Old Laptops. “If you’re the kind of person who just can’t seem to let go of old tech, don’t despair, but do check on your closet-dwelling laptop. There’s a chance that the chemical reactions in the battery have gone rogue, resulting in an explosion or a fire just waiting to happen. Multiple manufacturers have experienced swelling batteries over recent years and that’s a concern, even if your laptop hasn’t been plugged in for some time. Once you’ve ensured your old laptop isn’t plotting your imminent demise, you can start considering what you want to do with it.”

BetaNews: Microsoft releases KB4583263 update for Windows 10 to prevent swollen laptop batteries

BetaNews: Microsoft releases KB4583263 update for Windows 10 to prevent swollen laptop batteries. “Microsoft has teamed up with HP to work on a fix for a problem affecting various HP Business Notebooks. The flaw not only causes a reduction in performance and battery life, but can also lead to swollen batteries. The problem lies with the HP Battery Health Manager, and the update from Microsoft and HP is rolling out to enable a new charging algorithm to help alleviate the issue.”

PC World: HP recalls 78,500 more laptop batteries because of fire concerns

PC World: HP recalls 78,500 more laptop batteries because of fire concerns. “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on Tuesday, but noted that the recall expansion was previously announced independently on January 17 by HP, and delayed due to the government furlough. It’s considered an expansion of the previous HP battery recall of January, 2018, which affected 50,000 batteries.”

MakeUseOf: The 5 Best Linux Distros for Laptops

MakeUseOf: The 5 Best Linux Distros for Laptops. “Maybe you’ve just purchased a brand new laptop. Or maybe you have an older laptop sitting in your closet that you’d like to bring back to life. Either way, the best Linux distros for laptops are those that offer better driver support and can accommodate the performance offered by most laptops.”

Engadget: HP recalls laptop batteries due to overheating issues

Engadget: HP recalls laptop batteries due to overheating issues. “If you’ve got an HP notebook or mobile workstation computer, you’ll want to check out the latest battery recall from the company. Lithium-ion batteries for affected HP laptops were shipped between December 2015 and December 2017. There have been eight reports of the battery packs overheating, melting or charring, three of which include reports of $4,500 in property damage and one report of a first degree burn to a hand.”

Scientific American: Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom

Scientific American: Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom. “New research by scientists at Michigan State University suggests that laptops do not enhance classroom learning, and in fact students would be better off leaving their laptops in the dorm during class. Although computer use during class may create the illusion of enhanced engagement with course content, it more often reflects engagement with social media, YouTube videos, instant messaging, and other nonacademic content. This self-inflicted distraction comes at a cost, as students are spending up to one-third of valuable (and costly) class time zoned out, and the longer they are online the more their grades tend to suffer.”

PC World: HP rolls out patch to stop keylogging bug in some laptops

PC World: HP rolls out patch to stop keylogging bug in some laptops. “Consumers with HP laptops that have been accidentally recording their keystrokes can easily address the problem with a patch from the PC maker. More than two dozen HP laptop models, including the EliteBook, ProBook and ZBook, have an bug in the audio driver that will act as a keylogger, a Swiss security firm said Thursday.”

HP Expands Laptop Batteries Recall

HP has expanded its laptop battery recall. “HP has expanded its voluntary recall of batteries due to fire and burn hazards. The batteries were used for various laptops sold under the HP and Compaq brands between March 2013 and October 2016. In total, the company has recalled over 140 thousand batteries in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.”

Facebook Live Coming to Laptops, Desktops

Game-changer: Facebook Live is coming to laptops and desktops. “And a source with knowledge of the social network’s plans told SocialTimes the launch of the feature was a response to demand from journalists, vloggers and do-it-yourselfers, among other users, adding that it is currently available to a ‘small percentage’ of users, with more set to come on board ‘in the coming months.’”

HP Issues Laptop Battery Recall

Ugh. Own an HP laptop? Check ya battery. “This week, HP chalks up another battery recall covering a raft of laptops sold worldwide between March 2013 and August 2015. According to the company, batteries shipped with these laptops ‘have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers.’”

Study: Laptops Have Security Vulnerabilities Right Out of the Box

Ugh. You don’t have to do anything to make your laptop vulnerable. Chances are it’s vulnerable right out of the box. “Software update tools that are preinstalled on Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops all contained at least one critical security vulnerability that hackers could easily exploit, said Duo Labs, the research arm of Duo Security, in the results of an investigation published Tuesday. In total, Duo Labs uncovered 12 different OEM software vulnerabilities across all the computer makers.”

Toshiba Issues Big Laptop Battery Recall

Do you have a Toshiba laptop? Check your battery. “Late Wednesday afternoon, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall for battery packs in Toshiba laptops sold between June 2011 and January 2016. The recall affects nearly 40 different Toshiba models of PCs including Portege, Satellite, and Tecra models.”

Install ChromeOS on Your Ancient Laptop

Mike Murphy’s got a walkthrough of how to install the Cloud OS app on your ancient laptop. “Neverware, an operating system developer from New York, has developed a program called CloudReady, that can turn hundreds of models of computers from the last decade into usable machines. Neverware developed a version of the operating system found on Google’s Chromebook laptops. The startup has been working with school districts in the US to revive old computers for classroom—for a fee—but is now offering a free version of its software for personal computers.”