Crowded housing and essential jobs: Why so many Latinos are getting coronavirus (Washington Post)

Washington Post: Crowded housing and essential jobs: Why so many Latinos are getting coronavirus. “Inside crowded courtyard buildings, where blue-collar Latino families share apartments meant for one, the sick are multiplying. Isabela Rivera was the first in her home to test positive for the novel coronavirus. Unable to fully isolate in the three-bedroom apartment she and her husband, Danilo, share with two other Northern Virginia families, the Riveras sent their 7-year-old son to live with a family friend. Danilo sleeps on the couch, unsure whether he is infected. The other families have taken cover in their rooms, hoping a closed door will protect them from the deadly and highly contagious virus. But their apartment complex in Herndon has become a coronavirus magnet. Soon, others were coughing and wheezing.”

‘Facebook is taking everything’: rising rents drive out Silicon Valley families (The Guardian)

The Guardian: ‘Facebook is taking everything’: rising rents drive out Silicon Valley families. “A group of affiliated real estate companies, including Menlo Gate and Redwood Landing Properties, purchased and began managing the 20 apartments now facing sharp rent increases – using a process that tenant activists say is cruel, but increasingly common. The firms, linked to the investor Jesshill Love, sent notices to tenants saying their rents would soon rise from $1,100 to $1,900 a month, and that they would have to leave in 60 days if they didn’t sign a lease.”

Baseball Hall of Fame Launches New Site Focusing on Latino Players

The Baseball Hall of Fame has launched a new Web site focusing on Latino players. “La Vida Baseball was founded with the goal of celebrating Latino baseball, from the streets of Latin America to the major leagues. The platform will bring stories from the past to life and provide a new outlet for today’s athletes and fans to discuss the game through written stories as well as video and social content. La Vida Baseball’s expert staff and contributors, led by noted baseball historian Dr. Adrian Burgos, Jr., will combine storytelling and historical perspective, while socially-driven videos and cultural commentary will bring these stories to a broader Latino audience.”

Facebook Use Among African American and Hispanic Students: An Exploratory Investigation of Perceived Academic Impact

From The Journal of International Technology and Information Management: Facebook Use Among African American and Hispanic Students: An Exploratory Investigation of Perceived Academic Impact. “Facebook is one of the world’s leading social networking sites. It is pervasive in students’ lives and can impact their academic careers in a variety of ways. However, little research exists evaluating the use of Facebook in minority academic settings. An early step in this direction is to gain an understanding of how different student demographic groups use Facebook. An interest in further assessment of Facebook’s role in diverse segments of academia motivates the collection and analysis of Facebook-related data from minority serving institutions such as Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). This study presents the results of a comparative examination of African American students at an HBCU and Hispanic students at an HSI regarding their perceptions of Facebook use for […]

Preserving Latina Culture Through Instagram

New-to-me: I have pointed before to Instagram being used as a digital archive. Yesterday I read about another Instagram feed which crowdsources pictures of Latina women from the 1990s and before with the intention of preserving and celebrating their heritage and culture. “The account, which has more than 57 thousand followers, is supported predominately by users, who submit photos of themselves and their crews from the ‘90s or earlier. “

New York Times Launches Spanish-Language Web Site

The New York Times has launched a Spanish-language Web site. It didn’t have one before? “The New York Times en Español features content produced by a dedicated editorial team based in Mexico City, as well as the work of NYT correspondents across Latin America and areas with Spanish-speaking populations, including Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Miami, with additional coverage and oversight from the newspaper’s headquarters in New York City.”

University of Kansas Study on How Latinos Use Social Media

More studies on the use of Twitter, this time from the University of Kansas. “A University of Kansas professor has co-authored research examining the reasons Latinos and whites use the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, finding the former use them significantly more for advocacy and identity exploration than their counterparts. Mike Radlick, content creator at Come Recommended, a public relations firm in Maryland, and Joseph Erba, assistant professor of journalism at KU, surveyed 140 white and 115 Latino Facebook and Twitter users to determine why and how they use the platforms and the gratifications they take from them.”