Pacific Standard: Charting The Rich History Of Dyslexia Advocacy

Pacific Standard: Charting The Rich History Of Dyslexia Advocacy. “The History of Dyslexia, unveiled in July, is a website that aims to make the fruits of about 140 years of dyslexia research available to the public…. It’s a joint project of an interdisciplinary group of four professors at Oxford University, who specialize in history, psychology, and education policy. So far, their project features a timeline of key events, a collection of oral interviews, and an online archive containing documents, photographs, and oral histories.”

Williams Syndrome and Social Media Safety

Michigan State University research: Social Media Poses Threat to People with Intellectual Disabilities. “A first-of-its-kind study co-authored by a Michigan State University scholar finds that adults with Williams syndrome – who are extremely social and trusting – use Facebook and other social networking sites frequently and are especially vulnerable to online victimization. Roughly a third of study participants said they would send their photo to an unknown person, arrange to go to the home of a person they met online and keep online relationships from their parents.” This study focuses on Williams syndrome, but it would be good to do similar studies for Down syndrome, autism, etc.