Free webinar: Building Local Communities with Social Media (ALA / District Dispatch)

From the ALA’s District Dispatch: Free webinar: Building Local Communities with Social Media. “Next week, join us for a free, half hour webinar about social media marketing and community building. Led by Leslie Datsis of PBS Digital Studios, you’ll learn the basics about audience development, targeting, and how to develop a voice for your channels. And you’ll have a few new tools in your belt as you consider how you can take those stories to the next level and make sure that your users (and your elected officials) know just how important libraries are to the community.”

Arizona State University: ASU awarded Mellon grant to develop community-driven archival collections

Arizona State University: ASU awarded Mellon grant to develop community-driven archival collections. “Now an archivist at ASU Library, [Nancy] Godoy has worked tirelessly to grow its Chicano Research Collection and expand the library’s reach to the Latino community through public outreach that includes educational workshops on preservation of historic materials. In recognition of that work, Godoy and colleagues Sujey Vega and Lorrie McAllister were recently awarded a $450,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a three-year project designed to build and expand community-driven collections, in an effort to preserve and improve Arizona’s archives and give voice to historically marginalized communities.”

Internet Archive: Hacking Web Archives

Fun stuff from The Internet Archive: Hacking Web Archives. “…it has been exciting to see — and for us to support and participate in — a number of recent efforts in the scholarly and library/archives communities to hold hackathons and datathons focused on getting web archives into the hands of research and users. The events have served to help build a collaborative framework to encourage more use, more exploration, more tools and services, and more hacking (and similar levels of the sometime-maligned-but-ever-valuable yacking) to support research use of web archives. Get the data to the people!”

Renee Ting On Using Snapchat for Outreach to Teen Library Patrons

Wondering how your library might best use Snapchat to target teenage users? Renee Ting has a very thoughtful blog post. “The mission of the Snapchat program is to create a community for teens that welcomes them to participate both on the platform and in the physical library. Through two-way communication, we want to create human connections that may be the starting point for teens to learn about and take advantage of library resources.”