Lifehacker: Explore the World of Custom iPhone Widgets

Lifehacker: Explore the World of Custom iPhone Widgets. “You’ve probably seen iPhone Home Screens that just look cool, sporting dynamic text, fun images, and custom icons…but even with iOS 16’s new Lock Screen editor, there’s no way to use Apple’s built-in tools to make them. For that, you’ll need to look outward. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to turn a boring iPhone Home Screen into something interesting and fun, without getting into the whole ‘Home Screen aesthetic’ thing. All you need is a custom widget app like Widgy.”

Wired: How to Set Up Lock Screens on All Your Devices

Wired: How to Set Up Lock Screens on All Your Devices. “Lock screen security is what stands between strangers, thieves, snooping colleagues, overcurious housemates, and all other unauthorized visitors and your private data. Think about it: Once your phone is unlocked, access to your social media, your emails, your documents, your photos, and much more is just a few taps away. Thankfully, the makers of the major operating systems have been working hard to strike the right balance between protection and convenience when it comes to lock screens. Here’s how to stay safe without making logging in an overly onerous task.”

Guardian Will Push Election Updates to Lock Screens

In fact, if you plan to follow the election obsessively on Tuesdsay, you’re going to have all kinds of options. “How do you plan on tracking the election results as they come in Tuesday night? (Anxiously? Obsessively? Dripping with sweat?) Guardian U.S. hopes you’ll check your phone’s lock screen: Following tests of push notifications around the Brexit decision and during the first U.S. presidential debate, The Guardian U.S. Mobile Innovation Lab will send real-time updates to app users’ lock screens on November 8.”