NewsChannel5 Nashville: App created as networking tool to connect songwriters

NewsChannel5 Nashville: App created as networking tool to connect songwriters. “Noah Cummins, a new artist who graduated from Belmont in 2018, struggled with making connections in the beginning. ‘When I first said, “this is going to be my career, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” it was hard for me to go like, “how I am going to talk to someone, and sell myself in 30 seconds,”‘ said Cummins. Now he’s writing with more experienced artists all thanks to an app called We Should Write Sometime.”

Music Business Worldwide: Genius Sues Google For ‘No Less Than $50m’, Alleging ‘Anticompetitive Practices’ Over Lyrics

Music Business Worldwide: Genius Sues Google For ‘No Less Than $50m’, Alleging ‘Anticompetitive Practices’ Over Lyrics. “The company behind Lyrics website Genius, Genius Media Group Inc., is suing Google for ‘unethical, unfair and anticompetitive’ behaviour. Genius alleges that traffic to its site started to drop because its lyrics – which are annotated by its contributors – are being copied, and then published by Google via the tech giant’s lyrics partner, LyricFind.”

Found on Reddit: Database of Black Metal Music Lyrics

My Reddit filter tipped me to this new database of black metal music lyrics. From the GitHub page: “Database of Black Metal lyrics in .JSON format to be used for computer-assisted lyric analysis projects, collected from with additional metadata from for my sociological bachelor thesis on Ideology and Black Metal.” There are over 11,000 songs in this collection.

Info Geekers: Top 7 Websites To Find Song Lyrics Online

In case an earworm is driving you bonkers: Top 7 Websites To Find Song Lyrics Online. “Can’t keep up the pace with Eminem’s rap? Or having trouble understanding what Beyoncé is singing? Or are you getting ready for karaoke? In these cases or another, song lyrics become essential for everyone: be it native listener or non-native. Indian listeners with a taste of English music use song lyrics sites to understand the core meaning of the song that they failed to grasp at the very first moment. Not even this, native English speakers widely use lyrics websites for sating their curiosity of the new words uttered by Eminem or Beyoncé.”

Google Adds Lyrics to Search Results

Google is now showing song lyrics in its search results. That noise you heard was ten thousand lyrics sites shutting down. “Looking to capitalize on the constant stream of people trying to figure out how does that song go again?, Google unveiled a new featured placement for song lyrics Monday. So, the next time you google the lyrics for ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ Bonnie Tyler’s beautiful words will appear directly in your search results.” I found most of what I searched for, though Laura Love’s Capricorn and Hominy didn’t get any results, and Begin the Beguine showed the song as sung by Julio Iglesias – and the lyrics are in Spanish!

New Web Site for Research And Analysis of Rap Lyrics

A new Web site is designed to make research and analysis of rap lyrics easier. “Actual Fact is ‘an exhibition of data visualization and critical writing produced with data extracted from rap lyrics.’ It employs the ‘Hiphop Word Count’ database, which creator and Lab founder Tahrir Hemphill describes in a video profile as ‘an online searchable database that analyzes the language in hip-hop and looks at hip-hop as a cultural indicator.’ It contains data from the lyrics of more than 100,000 hip-hop songs dating back to 1979.” I had trouble getting the site to load but I’m on Chromium, which can be wonky sometimes…