The Daily Star (Bangladesh): Apparel mapping project launched

The Daily Star (Bangladesh): Apparel mapping project launched. “A four-year project to create a publicly available, online map providing a detailed industry-wise database of all apparel factories in Bangladesh was launched by Brac University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Development yesterday. ‘Digital RMG Factory Mapping in Bangladesh’ (DRFM-B) will collect credible, comprehensive and accurate data on factories across Bangladesh and disclose factory names, locations, number of workers, product type, export country, certifications and brand customers.”

Edmonds Community College: New online open source library provides access to manufacturing tools, materials

Edmonds Community College: New online open source library provides access to manufacturing tools, materials. “A new online open source library provides teachers and students with access to in-demand resources on manufacturing tools and materials…. The Hub features over 600 open source resources for teachers and students, who can search under topics such as design; synthesis; processing; testing/characterization; structure; mechanical, electronic, optical, and physical properties; and applications. Search results can also be filtered by age group/educational level (from K-5 to college), principal material, completion time, and material format (video, lab, lecture, and more).”

Just-Style: UK manufacturer list to forge links with designers

Just-Style: UK manufacturer list to forge links with designers. “A national database of UK manufacturers has been created to help make it easier for designers to form supply chain relationships and reach production units. The British High-End Manufacturers Database was launched yesterday (29 March) by the British Fashion Council (BFC), alongside CEO Caroline Rush, and Professor Christopher Moore, director of the British School of Fashion, Glasgow Caledonian University. It is the first milestone of 2017 for the BFC’s ‘Positive Fashion’ initiative.” These are clothing manufacturers only; this is not a general UK manufacturer database.

Digital Archive for Michelin Tire Factory Now Available

Now available: a digital archive for the Michelin factory at Stroke in England. Yeah, the tire company. It looks like it’s still in progress. “Iconic photographs showcasing tyre manufacturer Michelin’s rich history have been ‘rolled out’ following the launch of an impressive online archive. And former workers and customers are all being invited to share their memories as the resource continues to expand. The Michelin Archive website has been created to showcase key moments in time documented for the ages since the firm opened its factory in Stoke in 1927.”

NPR: Google Glass Didn’t Disappear. You Can Find It On The Factory Floor

NPR: Google Glass Didn’t Disappear. You Can Find It On The Factory Floor. “Remember Google Glass? They’re the headsets that look like regular glasses but have a small computer on the side to speak to and access the Internet. If that’s not ringing a bell, it could be because Google Glass fizzled out and was discontinued in the consumer market. But now, it’s getting a second life in the manufacturing industry.”

Using Google Glass to Build Airplanes

More happy news for Google Glass and industry: Boeing is using Google Glass to build airplanes. “Because planes contain hugely messy and complex webs of wires to connect electrical systems, technicians have to manually build them out, a painstaking process based on PDF assembly guide viewed on a laptop screen. With Glass to replace that computer display, Boeing says it reduced production time for the harnesses by 25 percent and cut error rates in half, according to CIO.”