Reuters – Hong Kong uses 3D archive to preserve kung fu heritage

Using 3D technology to preserve Hong Kong Kung Fu techniques. “There are hundreds of differing fight styles classed as kung fu, which soared in popularity globally following a series of films featuring U.S.-born and Hong Kong-raised actor Bruce Lee, who died in 1973. But as kung fu’s popularity waned in recent years, practitioners worried about passing the martial arts form to future generations. The 3D project, known as the Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive, aims to capture and preserve more than 400 different kung fu styles. About 50 have been recorded so far.”

Building a Database of Information on MMA Fights

Sean Hackett is building a database of results from MMA (mixed martial arts) fights. And, lucky for us, he’s writing about how he’s doing it. Read the posts from the bottom up. The first one is “Building a large database of MMA fight results I: scraping with rvest” (Rvest is a simple Web scraper for R.)