SEO Roundtable: Matt Cutts Dislikes How Google Links To Search Results

SEO Roundtable: Matt Cutts Dislikes How Google Links To Search Results. “Matt Cutts, former Google executive and star amongst the SEO community, posted on Google+ how he is not happy with how Google is linking to the ’10 blue links,’ the core Google search results. Matt showed how Google is not directly linking from the core search results to the site. Instead, they are adding a bunch of parameters to the URLs for tracking purposes.” Good on Matt for speaking up, but hasn’t this been the case for a while? Google’s search result URL links have been dreadful for at least a few years if I remember correctly.

Matt Cutts Has Finally Left Google

After ages (months certainly. Years?) of being on leave, Matt Cutts has finally left Google. “After dipping his toes in government work last year, Google Search guru Matt Cutts is now stepping away from Google in a more permanent way. Cutts, who has wrestled spam and SEO at Google since 2000, joined the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) in mid-2016 for a role that he expected to last three months. After extending his stay by three more, Cutts, now the USDS director of engineering, will take over as the in-house tech consulting group’s acting administrator.”

SER: Google Admits A Bug In Search Hurt Gmail’s Competitor ProtonMail?

A little update to the ProtonMail story from a couple months ago. It is very, very weird. “Many of your probably read the Search Risk – How Google Almost Killed ProtonMail story from a month ago – it has been something I’ve been tracking since August. In August, I spotted a message from Matt Cutts on Twitter that sparked my interest. Matt responded to ProtonMail’s tweets of Google intentionally hiding them from the Google search results because it competes with Gmail. Matt is on leave, has been for years and he responds to that tweet? But I didn’t see anything much since and kept it in my archives to file for some time.”

Matt Cutts Hanging Out With the US Gov’t

Matt Cutts of Google is going to go hang out with the US government for a while. “I’m joining the US Digital Service family, specifically the Defense Digital Service at the Pentagon. I’ll be moving out to Washington, D.C., as part of the change. If you’re in the area, please say hello! And if you’re interested in the US Digital Service, you can find more information at”

Matt Cutts to Get Honorary Degree from UK

Google’s own Matt Cutts will be getting an honorary doctorate of engineering from the University of Kentucky, where he got his undergrad degree: “While at UK, Cutts achieved a sparkling academic record, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, receiving a Gaines Fellowship in the Humanities, earning election to Phi Beta Kappa and being named the Outstanding Graduating Senior in the College of Engineering.” Congrats Matt! Or should I say DOCTOR MATT.