Lifehacker: How to Digitize Vinyl Records Without a Record Player

Lifehacker: How to Digitize Vinyl Records Without a Record Player. “Digitizing vinyl is a lot harder than ripping a CD. An external CD drive costs $26 on Amazon; a record player with a digital output costs $250 or more. Plus you have to use special software, specify the beginning and end of each track, write out all the metadata, and make sure the record plays smoothly. Or you can get someone else to do it for you. Here’s how.” And if you DO have a turntable and you want to rip a LOT of records, let me reup DJ Kippax’s crazy deep dive on album ripping.

An Online Archive of Playable MIDI Files

Not new, but new-to-me: an online archive of MIDI files you can play and download. (Thanks to Esther S. for the heads-up.) From the About page: “I wanted to hear some MIDIs, so I searched and found a .zip file with 100K+ MIDI files that someone posted to Reddit. I tried playing a few in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. and then realized that they’ve all dropped the tag. Even Quicktime and VLC couldn’t play back the files.*”