Google Blog: Connect with news in multiple languages with Google News

Google Blog: Connect with news in multiple languages with Google News . “Today, more than 60 percent of people around the world speak and consume news across two or more languages. Finding articles in these languages can be challenging, since it requires you to search for topics across various apps and websites. To help solve this problem, we’ve built a new feature in Google News that will provide access to news articles from multiple languages and countries from around the world, all within one app.”

The Hindu: The unbearable lightness of joy

New-to-me, from The Hindu: The unbearable lightness of joy. “The Danish word hygge, which encapsulates the above in pithy detail, is not just a word for sesquipedalians, the melancholic, or frenzied retail marketing (it became a mainstay of festive advertising campaigns in the U.S. and the U.K. last year), but is also indicative of how languages not only articulate culture, but arguably define them as well. That interconnection, and fascination with how different cultures and languages define and perceive happiness, is what motivated Tim Lomas to start The Positive Lexicography Project, an online database of words related to the concept of joy from all languages, in 2015.”

Social Media Examiner: How to Reach a Non-English-Speaking YouTube Audience

Social Media Examiner: How to Reach a Non-English-Speaking YouTube Audience. “Is your content on YouTube? Have you considered taking your content global? In this article, you’ll discover how to expand your reach and influence on YouTube by optimizing your videos for viewers who speak different languages.” Thorough and educational – in other words, the usual high standard stuff from Social Media Examiner.

Non-English Radio Documentaries With English Subtitles

Poynter has a very cool story about a new resource called Radio Atlas. “‘Radio Atlas’ is McDowall’s latest side project, and it provides English-language subtitles for radio documentaries produced around the world. I’ve watched three of her subtitled projects so far, and the experience is a hybrid between listening to a radio piece and being immersed in an entirely new culture. I forgot that I was reading subtitles at one point; it reminded me of going to the opera and being able to understand the performers without speaking Italian.”