Mashable: Everything to know about Documentary+

Mashable: Everything to know about Documentary+ . “Documentary+ features a range of docs in categories like music, politics, culture, true crime, science & nature, icons, sports, comedy, and cults. The streaming platform houses everything from Academy Award-winning films to festival favorites. While you can catch classic documentaries like The Imposter, Born into Brothels, Cartel Land, My Best Fiend, and Life, Animated, you can also find movies created by filmmakers including Spike Jonze, Terrence Malick, Brett Morgen, and Davis Guggenheim.” The service is 100% free. As in, “You don’t even have to create an account to watch content,” free.

How True ARE Those “Based on a True Story” Movies?

Want to know how much of those “based on a true story” movies are actually, like, true? Gizmodo’s got you covered. “The site Information is Beautiful is providing an invaluable service to the film-going public: the ability to be an insufferable know-it-all during films based on true historical events. The interactive feature has carved up ten recent movies into their individual scenes and grades each scene as ‘true,’ ‘true-ish,’ ‘false-ish,’ and ‘false.’ You can set the grading system to different levels of skepticism, from ‘Flexible,’ to ‘Only the Absolute Truth.’”

Search a Million+ Syllabuses

Now available: a database that lets you explore what works are assigned in college syllabuses. It was in my Pocket queue already, but thanks to Penny for the tag on Twitter. “Until now. Over the past two years, we and our partners at the Open Syllabus Project (based at the American Assembly at Columbia) have collected more than a million syllabuses from university websites. … This past week, we made available online a beta version of our Syllabus Explorer, which allows this database to be searched.” What work was assigned most often? “The Elements of Style,” naturally!