Ars Technica: Scientists solve the mystery of Rembrandt’s “impasto” paint recipe

Ars Technica: Scientists solve the mystery of Rembrandt’s “impasto” paint recipe. “The 17th century Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn is justly considered one of the greatest artists of all time. He’s particularly praised for his masterful depiction of light and shadow in his oil paintings, an almost three-dimensional effect achieved with his signature ‘impasto’ technique. The recipes he used to mix his paints were believed to be lost to history. But now a team of Dutch and French scientists has used high-energy X-rays to unlock Rembrandt’s secret recipe, according to a new paper in the journal Angewandte Chemie.”

Google Blog: The Ghent Altarpiece

Google Blog: The Ghent Altarpiece: how we digitized one of the most influential artworks of all time. “Some 600 years ago, the Van Eyck brothers created one of the first large-scale oil paintings: ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.’ Due to its pioneering attention to detail and realistic portrayal of people, the ‘Ghent Altarpiece’ is renowned as one of the most influential paintings ever made and a defining artwork that represents the start of the Northern Renaissance…. Now, the freshly renovated exterior panels of the Altarpiece can be explored in ultra-high resolution on Google Arts & Culture. Thanks to a partnership with the online image library of Flemish art heritage Lukas – Art in Flanders and the Cathedral of Saint-Bavo, we’ve digitized this masterpiece for future generations to explore in unprecedented detail.”